Basic Ways For Beginners To Earn From E-commerce Website

E-commerce is also known as E-business or else electronic business, started in 1960s with the beginning of electronic data interchange.

E-commerce websites is very wide platforms where buying and selling of products take place. Through such E-commerce website businesses works by accepting payments, orders shipping works, customer care services.

Let us see some of the top working e-commerce websites:


E-commerce websites are of different types:

1) C2C (consumer-to-consumer)- buying or selling of goods and services between consumers through electronic transactions is known as C2C. Example- selling your own TV on apps like olx to other consumers.

2) B2C (business-to-consumer)- buying or selling of goods and services between companies and consumer through electronic transactions is known as B2C. Example- buying a smartphone from online store like amazon.

3) B2B (business-to-business)- buying or selling of goods and services between companies through electronic transactions is known as B2B. Example- Company selling data integration solutions to other business companies.

4) C2B (consumer-to-business)- buying or selling of goods and services from consumers to companies through electronic transactions is known as C2B. Example- working as an advertiser of product for companies.


To have an ecommerce website is necessary or we can say a priority for every businessman whether a retailer, wholesaler, an entrepreneur,Service provider, commercial enterprises, private enterprises. To grab the online shopping advantages And generate a source of revenue. Development of ecommerce websites not only increases sale but also promote your products to a larger audience.

Ecommerce websites helps consumers to compare and discover best offers for their purchase of goods and services. Online shopping is very convenient as you just have go sit at home and do one click from you laptop, tablet, smartphone, to place your order.

Benefits of shopping from ecommerce websites are:

1)Increases sales and attract more consumers.

2)Reduces physical travelling to stores which saves time.

3)Receive discounts and coupons on purchases.

4)Reaching more targeted audience in local and at international level too.

5)Customization of products by analyzing customers needs.

Various advanced Features of ecommerce websites are:

1) Availability of chatbot- instant replies to any customer issues related to products or for any inquiry through chatbots.

2) Delivery tracker- it is the most satisfying thing for every consumer as ecommerce websites allow there consumer to know when the product is going to be dispatched and where it is now.

3) Optional situation for payment- online shopping provides you with options for payment. You can make payment either by cash or any online transactions.


1) Marketing on various channels- to reach and communicate to targeted audience and provides you with the advantage of promoting your products.

2) Self investment on marketing channels- investment is must in every business for marketing purposes. To attract and gather more audience attention it is necessary to invest marketing activities like advertising.

3)Personalized- it refers to understand the shoppers need and provide them as per their requirements. Ecommerce business uses personalized. communication styles to communicate with customers.

Process of starting an ecommerce website for business-

1) Decide your selling product- it is the most important thing to decide because it will be going to represent you in you business. So present yourself with the best high quality product to consumers.

2) Decide your targeted audience- basically your product decides your targeted audience. Body products will be mostly targeted you youngsters as they use more, kitchen items will be mostly targeted to females above 25 as they use them more to make their kitchen work easy.

3) Decide a right ecommerce platform to launch product- choosing a right platform only will give you profits. Platforms like amazon and shopify are much trustworthy for any kind of ecommerce business.

Choosing a right ecommerce site for any business firstly requires knowledge.Know about your business, your product, your capability which will help you to decide you r further decisions related to business. Every business whether it is online or offline have risks like in offline business you have risk of product damages, and in online business you have risk to loose your data or any corrupt. Make your business profitable with secure and legal works. So lets start with ecommerce websites and make money legally and safely.

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