Make money as a Content Writer: 10 Websites that Pay In 2022

Make money as a Content Writer is not a big deal but getting paid by sharing that knowledge can generate a great source of income and can also make you financially stable. The problem arises when we have to choose the best source to establish our content to the larger audience. Let us talk about websites which pays you for your articles. This only works when you have high quality content. There are many websites which can help you to earn and explore yourself.

Here are some of the trustworthy sites to write articles:

1) DIGITAL OCEAN- It is mainly a cloud service provider which basically looks for the tutorials of creating real-world project in Python or JavaScript, tutorials covering advanced systems. It can be seen in the form of highest paying opportunity for the technical writers. Their pay is $300-$400 per article. The most
interesting part is that you can get $75-$125 by just updating existing content also.

2) CSS-TRICKS- They required the articles related to web design & development, html, JavaScript. They pay up to $250 per article.Most probably CSS tricks will join with Digital Ocean which will provide a special offer of $100 free credit on use.

3) TEST DRIVEN LO- It is a method for unit test software programming, refactoring on source code. They basically require web development tutorials and provide up to $500 per article.

4) FAUNA- It is a distributed document-relational database which is delivered through cloud API. They require articles related to application development, technical education and provide $500 per article.

5) SITE POINT- It is platform which allows people to free Udemy courses by providing Udemy courses coupons. They are seeking for the writers who can create a good content which can be attractive to readers. Monthly topics are provided to the writers to write on. Writing tutorials of html and CSS can also pay you up to $150-$300 per articles.

6) CLUBHOUSE.IO- It is platform of project management for software. Because it is related to software they require articles which contain software engineering and software development. And for this they pay up to $400 for tutorials and $350 for blogs.

7) LINODE- It is a platform of cloud hosting for programmers.They require guide and tutorials related to cloud and Linux.They seek for technical knowledge topics like WebRTC, noSQL databases. Per guide or tutorial will pay up to $300.

8) AUTH0- It comes under one of the top service provider which offers authorization and authentication as there service. They require articles based on node JS, java, python, modern JS.Their purpose is to make aware about the modern techniques through articles like IT technology and various programming
languages. And for this they up to $300 per article.

9) GEEKS FOR GEEKS- It is an informative blog related to computer science, various computer courses. Through this you can also apply for internship or and any professional freelancing opportunity. If you worked for a period of time and got selected then you can also be joined in professional team.There is still not a fixed payment details on its site.

10) CASTER.IO- It was mainly for app developers and now started offering the writing skills to glow more through there tutorials and unique articles. Topics such as android, IOS, flutter can be included. had not yet released their payment details. The process of this is very simple, the article first goes for knowledge accuracy, then grammar accuracy, then at last go for final selection.

Different websites are made for various different reasons. They can be made for advertising products, for news, by companies for their description of work. Websites are also made for resell, ecommerce business, content marketing crowd funding, building SEO tools and many more.


World is giving a very huge and fast response to technical areas which is also having 3 categories one which publishing and earning, second which is viewing and receiving knowledge, and the third who is doing both earning as well as getting knowledge.

Technical areas are the most complex areas, it updates regularly as per the requirements and any update in these areas teaches you something more useful. With the growing advancements in mobiles and software more and more people are engaging in these areas. Its high time now chooses the suitable and perfect monetization strategy to work on.

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