How To Make Money From Google Adsense In 2022

Google is a wide platform and Google AdSense is just a part of that platform.Google AdSense is a mainly for publishers so that they earn through their content. This advertising program was started by Google in 2003 and got very much success since now,the running progress seems to be much successful in future also.It works very easily AdSense decide the ads to be publish on your site and pay you for every visitors click.

You should at least write 20 to 30 pages content to start an AdSense account.The advertisers pay for the promotion of their products.We can see 2 million users on AdSense right now and from these users only we got pay as when they click to our links or accounts.

Google AdSense works on 3 steps:

1)Enabling ad spaces

2)Check up the highest paying ads

3)Get paid by the advertisers

For making an AdSense account there are some criteria which you have to keep in mind:

1)You should be over 18 and the only owner of the site.

2)You know how to access html for monetization purposes

3)Your content should be unique and attractive to the viewers.

4)Site requires enough traffic.

5)Your site should not have an abusive past (like fake messages, illegal content).

6)Your site should have its clear navigation.

7)You must you understanding supported language for your content.

8)Requirement of technical pages.

Let us see some of the advantages of Google AdSense:

1)If you meet $100 threshold Google will pay you monthly.

2)Ads can be run on various other websites by using only AdSense account also.

3)Joining AdSense program is free.

4)You get options for running you ads either in mobiles or in RSS feeds.

5)It enables us to monetize our site

6)You can customize ads with your own design according to your site.

7)Earning increases with an increase in traffic on site.

8)Revenue generation.

Disadvantages of google AdSense:

1)Any mistake will ban your account for lifetime

2)You cannot change the payee name after the account verification.

3)Postal verification is needed which is problem for those users who does not have permanent address and mostly are travellers.

4)Page speed will be impacted from the AdSense ads

5)You cannot get traffic to your site through any social media platforms like Facebook.

Types of Google AdSense ads:

1)Post or images: they are in graphic form where you get variety.

2)Text: text ads, links are some of the way through which Google AdSense ads are published.

3)Media: it consists of html, video, flash

4) Animated images or videos

5)Search engine

Get your absence account started with only few steps:

1)Sign up to the Google AdSense account

2)Setting up with payment details

3)Connect your existing website to AdSense account.

4)Placements of ads

5)Run and establish ads on website

You can verify your account, sometimes it is done in 24hrs and sometimes take 2 weeks also for the approval. Website niche decides our AdSense earning.

Google AdSense pays $0.20 to $15 per click. AdSense revenue calculator can be used to know the AdSense earning. Google charges per ad click from the advertisers where the publishers get 68% of click amount. AdSense provides an ad action which decides the ads display on website.

Make sure that goggle AdSense and Google ads are not same at all. Google AdSense is mainly for publishers who manage forums, blogs, monetization work, and websites. While Google ads are mainly for advertisers,those who want to give advertisement for their product on any app or website. AdSense allows 3 link ads, 3 content ads and 2 search engine boxes, while ads allows only one at a time. Choose a right platform for your website to establish on.

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