Make money in Canada means, earning in Canadian dollars.To make it possible in 2022 through online we should have well knowledge about every latest technology and opportunity. If we talk about Canada it ranks 10th place in
ecommerce platform with generation of US$35.5 billion revenue in 2021. Canada’s ecommerce market has contributed with 15% to worldwide growth.

Canadian ecommerce market stores with highest generating revenue:

1) Amazon.ca- US$ 9.8 billion

2) Costco.ca- US$ 2.3 billion

3) Walmart.ca- US$ 3.8 billion

4) Apple.com- US$ 2.7 billion

5) Homedepot.ca- US$ 1.5 billion

Let’s see some ways to make online money in Canada:

1) Earn by doing online surveys- reviewing any product or services is very much important for any company as it helps them to develop product accordingly. To get info or reviews regarding product they organizes online surveys to know their views and for this they pay the people engaged in online surveys.

*Branded surveys- This survey is very much popular in Canada as well as United States. This survey is basically for retailers, small businesses, and media to let them know about customer needs for deals.

*Pinecone research- This is owned by global research company, Nielsen. They are present in United States and Canada. The survey pays you between $3 -$5

*Daily rewards- In this you get paid when you complete your surveys, shopping online, play games, checking emails.

2) Teespring designing- It is an American company which offers people to start an ecommerce business by designing. Create unique designed products such as dresses, hats, Phone cases, carry bags, bed sheets and many more. It is basically a buying and selling platform and after a buyer place any you get paid for your design work. Zazzle and cafepress are more such platform where you can sell your designs.

3) DoorDash- It basically provides food courier services opportunities for above 18 years. It is available in Canada, U.S, and Australia, in more than 4000 cities like Calgary, Dartmouth, Regina, Toronto, Saskatoon, etc.The procedure of this is when you receive any order pick and following food from the restaurant, deliver to customer and get paid.

4) Working as an online tutor- to become a tutor you should be good in communication and must different techniques of teaching to make children understand. You can make money in Canada by teaching children over there through VIPKid and earn up to $22 per hour. Other applications to teach students in Canada are chegg from which you can earn up to$20 per hour and the other one is Skooli from which you can get $25. Bachelor’s degree is must to become a tutor.

5) Mystery shoppers Canada- In this people are hired to visit stores and make a report of your experience. It can me restaurant or service providing business also. From this you make money in Canada up to $22 per hour. The procedure for this is first you have to sign up and get registered to mystery shoppers Canada. Then you will receive your mystery shopper assignments through emails, accept the assignment as per your interest and location, complete and submit the report to get paid.

6) Become a writer- there are many platforms for writers to sell their unique and interesting stories and can get paid for it. Wattpad is a Canadian company presents a platform where you can read and write your stories. 90 million users are available on Wattpad so why not you
start writing and get paid for your skills.

7) Affiliate marketer- There are many top ecommerce stores from where you can earn by being an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing can be done across the world. To make money in Canada as an affiliater you can use amazon.co, clickbank.co which is at top earning ecommerce stores of Canada.

8) EBay and Craigslist- It is a buying and selling platform for goods and services. The difference between both is eBay is a wide platform whereas craigslist is a small platform. Craigslist does not cut of sale price which means if you became its seller you will receive a 100% of your selling price. Things like jewellery, bags, antiques, clothes can be sell on this platform.

9) Selling amazing pictures- If you’re a good photographer and have determination to focus on your camera lenses, you can surely get paid for it as an appreciation. Websites like alamy, istock photo, 500 PX, smugmug pro, ShutterStock etc. photos of animals, landscapes wildlife are such needed pictures to look our surrounding more deeply and understand it. Make your hobby into profession and make money in Canada, U.S, and America around the whole world.

10) Money lending- you can lend your money and receive interest as an income, net return of 8.4% and can be more also. Lending loop in a Canadian company to lend money and earn up to $25. It is safe platform as all the borrowers are evaluated and verified by lending loop. Through this you can make money in Canada by monthly repayments with interest.

11) Become an influencer- influencers are the people who use their knowledge and skills to help or to communicate with others. Influencers are of many types such as travel influencer, food influencer, fitness influencer and many more. Let me introduce to an influencer platform through which you can make money in Canada. Showmb is influencer platform of Canada where you can collaborate with different brands and generate income.

Here in this article we saw 11 ways to make money in Canada. But it is not the limit, make money around the world and use your whole potential skills. There is never a limit to do anything, as it is our human mindset that we are never satisfied with anything but seeing it in a positive way, our this thing only make us to do more and more hard work.

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