Beginners with an opportunity

There are many profitable businesses for beginners that we are going to discuss today through this article. But first you should know that there business is of two types, one online businesses and other is physical businesses.

*Online businesses- They are the business in which you don’t need and capital or store to sell your products. In this you just have to know a right marketing plan to the targeted audience and sell your products online. Its advantage is that you can money from around the world and not limited to just your state.

*Physical businesses- They are the businesses which have its physical appearance and deal with customers face to face. Its main advantage is that you can know the customers need and requirements.

Profitable businesses ideas

In this article we are going to see both types of profitable business ideas.

Online businesses

1) Dropshipping- It is the most famous online business where sellers are not required to maintain a stock of products. After having a products order, seller buys it from any third party then sells it to customer. The product is sale more than its actual cost price from where the seller and the third party earn profits. From knowing all this you will also consider this as a profitable business for beginners.

2) Affiliate marketing- In simple words affiliate marketing is something when you promote others product and receive commission for the same. There are many apps like amazon, Meesho etc. which have affiliate marketing programs, joining their program will provide with referral links. When anyone buys product from your this referral link you get commission for it. You are also provided with an account where you can generate your product links, analyze sales, commission chart, no. of clicks to the links.

3) Website designing- To sell any product people needs a website to let their customers know about the product. You can learn and make websites through wordpress, You can even do website developing courses available in market. After learning you can sell your websites to small or large businesses.

4) Stock market trading business- Stock market, everyone is little bit aware about stock market and its ups and downs. This doesn’t need any storage or capital, just need an knowledge of market functions, data creating tools, trading algorithms, industries with financial products, trading products like- commodities, equity shares, currencies etc. it is a risk bearing business but if you understands its functions and technique than it is a very much profitable business for beginners.

5) Digital marketing- Marketing is done to convey promotional message and measures its impact on customers. When this marketing is conducted on social media platform, through websites or to any digital way it is known to be as digital marketing. This can be done in various ways such as social media ads, direct mail, billboards, blogging etc. through digital marketing businesses can be done globally with less investments. It is a very much profitable business for beginners to start with.

Offline businesses

1) Selling creative handmade items- If you love making handmade things like birthday or anniversary cards, home decor items, wall hangings, customized name or photo gifts and many more. To make it more profitable business for beginners you can adapt seasonal businesses also like in Raksha Bandhan you can sell Rakhi, on Diwali you can sell rangoli colours and door hangings, sweets in holi or other festivals.

2) Tuitions other activity classes- You can teach student with your best available skills. You can give services of drawing classes, tuitions, dance classes, baking classes, singing classes etc. creative activities are more popular nowadays because children are most interested in those activities and love to do so and their parents also encourage them to learn new different things to enhance their children.

3) Stitching or designing business- If you are fashionable and can design dresses you can sell your design works to a boutique or to any dress making manufactures.Stitching is another way of profitable business where you stitch clothes for others as everyone now wants a unique design of their needs so they go for stitching where they can make their requirements to the dresses.

4) Event management- You can make money by organizing an event. Today everyone hires an event manager to plan and execute events in amazing memorable way. Events can be a birthday or anniversary part, marriage, society festival events and many others also. In this you should be in contact with many service providers of catering, decoration, photographers and many such.

5) Travel agent- If you can arrange vacations at very best price you can be a travel agent and provide your services to the customers. We have that financial planning for a lovely vacation goes beyond the budget sometimes so people consent travel agent to arrange a lovely vacation at their budget. Travel agencies
make it possible through their contacts, membership program and also sometimes they are in arrangement with hotels and restaurants to get commission for making their customers.

Personal message

So here we saw both types of profitable business for beginners to start with. As they are many people who are not able to use online system properly or they don’t have access of devices or internet to proceed with their businesses. To help both types of people we discussed every different way of earning. hope the article had been helpful for making a quick decision for all of you.

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